Saturday, November 15, 2008

This evening we went to see the new James Bond movie - and as the tickets were being purchased I wandered into the lobby. The theater is relatively new and as I was walking in - I was taken by the pattern on the floor - much like you'd expect to find under some grand rotunda in a government building. This one had a rather stylized bullseye and I was drawn right to the center - when I reached it, I looked up to meet the eyes of another woman who was sitting at a small table on the edge of the lobby. She said something to me - I couldn't hear her clearly - so went over. She said that she'd been watching people for awhile now - and although she'd seen many kids use the graphics on the floor - walking in the 'lanes' of the bullseye etc. I was the first adult.

It was one of those huh... moments. Feeling triumphant in a funny sort of way - as I felt almost as if I hadn't had a choice in my actions. More of being magnetically drawn to the center... but on the other hand, feeling a bit embarassed that I got 'caught' doing it.

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Ruth said...

It's just the child in you who got caught! The adult was just along for the ride.