Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have you ever started to view 'machines' as almost human and worried?
I know most of us have a fine line between humans and pets - but... a 'time machine' that is placed each night so that it can communicate with the Great Time Clock... and check the accuracy of its settings!

What I'm talking about is more commonly known as a WATCH! This demanding little thing has to be placed, nightly, so that it has a direct line of communication to access some sort of information beams outside - it updates itself & checks timekeeping accuracy with some link out there that tells it what time is 'right'.

I come to expect to see it hanging in between the slats of the blinds... craning its 'neck' to reach out to this invisible beam. When it travels with him, I miss its presence, and take some comfort when it comes home to roost. Does saying goodnight to it make me odd?

1 comment:

Ruth said...

You do have a magical imagination! I'll never look at a nuclear wrist watch in quite the same way!