Saturday, November 22, 2008

SO - today - after driving by this for about 1 1/2 years, I FINALLY had my other camera - the pocket Canon Power Shot with me. (yes... it's another blasted Canon camera... ((she ducks)).
This photo proves to me that there is always another solution to every problem.

The tree had grown around the wire - so rather than risk cutting the live electrical wire from the tree... they simply cut down the tree - leaving the enclosing segment to 'dangle' from the wire. I just have to laugh everytime I see this... : )

No picture to back it up - but I filled up the car today for $1.73 gal - can you believe it?

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nan16 said...

That's amazing. I couldn't figure out what it was just by looking at the picture. I love my Canon S2 IS. It's only 5 mega pixels but it takes really good pictures and its light and easy to shoot. Has the no wiggle feature.

Here's another crazy word - borbinl! Maybe it's a slang word for someone that's really boring!