Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What is it, you ask? Why it's a simple bird feeder... for the simple birds. What it's not is a squirrel feeder for those complicated squirrels. After spending a few hours hearing about the pack of 10-12 squirrels who were gorging themselves on the birdseed... and watching my friend trying to scare them off... and also her tales of greasing up the post - to no avail. What seems to have finally worked is this large diameter tube - one that the squirrels can't get their little arms wrapped around. Funny, eh? To what lengths we have to go to to outwit those little critters!?


me me me said...

Yesterday I opened the door to the mailman and shrieked when I saw something small, furry and dead on the doormat. Poor Larry nearly stepped right on it. Tom Nelson, the bad cat, had made a mid-day snack of TWO baby squirrels and left half of one and the tail of another for my viewing pleasure. Those are the first squirrels I've seen real close by. I can't think why that would be.


nan16 said...

There are wiley aren't they? A couple of years ago when I had tomatoes in my garden, I would wait anxiously for the big green ones to get a touch of pink so I could bring them in to ripen before the birds got them. Each night I would look and know the next day the pink would be showing. I'd get up in the morning and rush out and see that big green tomatoes with a littl pink spot waiting for me on the stairs with a big chunk eaten out of it. You can't make me believe they didn't know what they were doing!