Monday, May 26, 2008

This beauty is planted in a half whisky barrel right outside the breakfast area, I've been watching it - waiting to pounce. Yesterday it was all wrapped tightly into a pentagonal shaped puff - all points neatly matching up at the seams.
This morning it has ventured forth... but still is not fully unfurled, as the pollen-coated stamens are still in their upright supporting role. I expect in a few hours it will have morphed further. I always marvel at the stunning colors, precision and functionality in nature... as I did today, come marvel with me!
My friend Valerie and I researched it and it's called a Balloon Flower. Apropriate, eh?!


Anonymous said...

Color is almost (but not quite!) a distraction here. I wonder if the architecture of the petals would be more forthcoming in black and white?

Megan said...

Originally the second image was in color, albeit cool morning color, whereas the top image was taken early afternoon. The difference in warmth of the light was very evident (and yes, a bit distracting), even though I was talking about the color - the second photo really was to address the way the petals were so perfectly joined. So - in this instance, a black & white image fit the bill! Thanks!

nan16 said...

I think the black and white photo perfectly illustrates what you had in mind, the form only of the flower before blossoming. The second photo in color suggests an almost comlete metamorphosis, from pupae to butterfly. The contrast is startling and beautiful!