Thursday, May 15, 2008

My first love has always been art - but I didn't officially have 'work' until I was almost forty and someone wrote me a thank you note - saying that they 'love my work'. That is such a specific word to an artist... it's like a great line you cross over. For now, "I" have been recognized as an artist and I have 'work' - therefore - I must now be official.

Art comes at me from many different aspects all day long. I truly believe that most of us don't see what is before us - because we don't know how to look for it. For years I have fixed in my mind just what I intend to say about a picture before taking it... which means there should be a reason for taking it. A purpose.

This method can also be applied to tasks you take on -art you create, friendships you cultivate and also the sheer way you choose to live your life.


Anonymous said...

this begs the question "does art NEED a purpose"?

Megan said...

OK, not a purpose - but when you compose a shot, knowing what it was that you intended to capture initially surely cannot hurt!

And, no. Art surely doesn't "need a purpose", it's a gift.