Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What a task! We are only a few days into teaching the furry beasts how to recognize the flags on the wireless fence. For it to be effective, you have to either lift them over the 'invisible barrier'... or drive them over it when you go for a walk. Sam is around 100# so that's not going to happen... now my morning routine has changed some, we pile into the car and drive off somewhere to go for a long walk.

I can't tell you how many times Cassie has decided to come from the very back to come sit in the front seat. NOT GOOD. I'm not all about having fur and footprints all over the inside of my car. SOOO

I just got done installing a wire barrier system we had purchased for our old Expedition... I thought it was specifically for only that model - but as luck would prove, it fits beautifully in my Volvo. No more wandering clay-footed-furrry-monster-flying Cassie wandering around the inside of the vehicle!


nan16 said...

They don't have seat belts? Tinker has a seat belt so I can leave the window open. She bumped her nose so often on the console if I had to stop even a little quickly that I found a seat belt that really works.

kctori said...

Nope. They get all giddy when I put on their 'going out' collars... and they fling themselves in the back of the SUV. Sam usually stays put - but Cassie feels it's her right to test out all the seats. This created a huge problem the other day, as she was about as dirty as she could get. This morning they bopped in the back and she got the shock of her life - when she realized that was where she would have to stay! It was wonderful.

Beth said...

Our Eddie goes into the kennel in but in the back of the Odyssey. There's plenty of room for it, but if we didn't use the kennel, he'd be all over the vehicle, including under the driver's feet.

kctori said...

You all will be happy to hear that the barrier has been truly wonderful!
After our morning jaunts they are just happily filthy... this way the mud and grasses stay way back there!
Beth, I hear you - that underfoot thing just doesn't work!