Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doesn't this just scream 'Made in China' at you in a high pitched a wail? It just doesn't look like something produced by Mother Naure.
THIS is the glass color that lampwork artists hunger for. It's growing in the woods - on a rather unassuming bush at a gentle curve of the walking path. I've been stalking it for months now - waiting for the berries to turn... and since my earlier attempts to capture a fitting image have proved unsuccessful (you try balancing two dogs and a camera), so today this branch segment came home with me. Currently living in a vase - to be admired on a whim (many whims). As I recall - QTFISH had identified it as an American Beautyberry Bush... Very pretty!


jan said...

I love this color! Did you get a photo of this another time?

nan16 said...

This is such a beautiful color, some glassmaker should be able to reproduce it, huh? I wonder if that plant will grow in Texas?

kctori said...

yes Jan, last year I got a shot of it, BUT... these are this year's berries, and they're more beautiful!!
; )

kctori said...

I put a link to the bush on the page, I'll go see where it grows - it is pretty glorious!
Well - EDP (evil devitrifying purple) is close... if treated correctly in the flame. I also have a Reichenbach color that's 'close'... but, it's also not terribly cooperative in the flame.