Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I felt so like an intruder. I had been teaching my youngest about how your 'eye' is perceived in photography, 'birdseye view' etc. So we were walking early one morning, AND since I love droplets... this caught my eye. I crouched down and snapped away. Not until I pulled it into editing, did I notice that I had disturbed the peace of the little spider on the backside. He must've just scooted around when I came bursting into his little world. His presence was a little 'extra' that I hadn't anticipated... and now when I look at this image, I'm not so fascinated by the droplets - but more how accommodating the spider had been for me! (yeah, that's the way I see it!)


nan16 said...

I love this picture, the perfect geometry of the leaves crossing and I almost didn't notice the spider peeking out. Which camera?

Anonymous said...

It was 106 at a quarter til four today and these droplets look like heaven to me.

Maybe the little spider is looking at you through one of his "lenses"!

Megan said...

I confess, I'm back in my comfort zone and using my Sony DSC-F707. I am thinking about selling my Canon Rebel XTi. Any takers?

And frankly - I don't think that spider had ANY inclination to interact with me... he just got outta my way!